Thursday, September 20, 2012

All Things Awesome

I am REALLY digging this whole three month old stage so I just feel like I need to put into words my reasons for loving it slash what I’m thankful for right now:

1. The baby chub that’s accumulating at a rapid rate on what used to be her little chicken thighs, fingers, feet, neck, and oh my goodness those CHEEKS!!!!

2. How she smiles whenever she sees me (not just when she’s hungry, though she’s especially happy to see me then)

3. How she smiles with her eyes, like she’s happy deep down to her chubby little sausage toes.
4. Coming up with an excuse to pick her up from her swing when she should be taking a nap because mama is totally irresponsible and wants to snuggle with the squishy cute baby she made.

5. The way her little hands hold on tight to me when I’m holding her.

6. The dopey little grin I get when she wakes up in the middle of a nap and realizes that I’m still holding her.

7. That she recognizes her daddy when he comes home from work, and tells him all about her day.

8. That she can’t actually talk yet (ha), so she doesn’t need to be disciplined or corrected, just snuggled and smooched on all day.

9. That we can enjoy pumpkin spice cookies, cups of tea, and crisp fall weather without stressing about back to school craziness or juggling multiple munchkins’ schedules.

10. Having grandparents and sweet friends close by so that I can get out and preserve my sanity without going too far (because the carseat gives our poor girl a panic attack).

11. Watching her look so pleased with herself when she stands up on daddy’s lap.

12. How her two tiny fists assume the snuggly position right up under her chin in the bathtub
13. The way she gets totally loopy if she’s overtired and snuggled up on the boob, and just sort of laughs and messes around the whole time.

14. How she refuses to shut her exhausted little eyeballs up until the very last moment of the day until I brush my fingers over her forehead.

15. Eating a bowl of cinnamon toast crunch unencumbered because she’s finally in bed.

16. The smell of burnt pine in the living room from Matt’s wood burning project for the baby’s room.

17. That when she’s in bed, it’s just the two of us again.

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